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🌹Imaan Aur Deen🌹
Spiritual/Devotional India Bangla
2021-09-07 20:24:31
🌹Imaan Aur Deen🌹

Sirf Bengali message or is ka alaba Hindi, English message milega.

Platform for Interpretation of Drems.

Dream Lectures, Dream Meaning Based on Islam, Quran, Sunnah.

In Sha Allah we spread ISLAM all over the world...with the help of ALLAH Almighty.

If some one sends Negative and dirty post then they will remove by Admin.

🌹Imaan Aur Deen🌹 Group Rules:

Only Muslim are allowed
Only Islamic post
Be like a gentleman
Respect GroupMember
Don’t Post illegal and adult content
Do not fight on

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Only Islamic Message
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