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Business/Advertising/Marketing India English
2022-09-16 10:00:21
Hey dear, 
Do you know their are lakhs of affiliate marketer are their in *INDIA* you can also become one of them by doin work from home only for *2-3 hrs/day 🤓* but how🧐?? 
Their is a website which gives you three courses of different different price rate and they are 
1) *ELITE PACKAGE* *COST 599/-* 
2) *SILVER PACKAGE* *COST 2360/-* 
3) *GOLD PACKAGE * *COST 4130/-* 
You can start from *ELITE PACKAGE* you have do just , make your profile complete and do KYC on website then copy your link from you profile section and promote it on your social media platforms and do message to strangers and tell them about this then give your link to him/her. For more details join my whatsapp group...
marketing lucknow india affiliate
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