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❤тнσυgнтѕ ву ℓιfє ❤️
Thoughts/Quotes/Jokes Pakistan English
2021-04-01 16:49:00
*Asslamo alikum!*


*Welcome to ❤тнσυgнтѕ ву ℓιfє❤.*
*This is an inspirational,  Motivational,  Empowerment group.We have all gone through things in life that have changed us for the better.Share you Lesson that have moved you forward in life,even if painful.We ard a community that has guidelines for posting.*🥰


**Misbehaver will not be tolerated.*
**No one will text privately.*
**No Personal Attacks.*

*Kindly follow the rules and enjoy the group ..!*
*Thank you*💕
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