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༒❦ Θtͥสkͣuͫ ☬ Kΐภg∂Øm ❦༒
Film/Animation India English
2020-03-12 08:05:46
*Rules You Need to Follow:-*

1. English Language only

2. Most of the things should be only about anime

3. No link spamming, No hentai, porn or any other sexuality stuffs *(direct kick)*

4. Don't Try to Be Rude With Anyone😇

*Most Important:-*

Try to be active, otherwise kick🦵🦶. Also don't spam or send any group links without Admins permission👍🏻

*Other than that lets just enjoy & talk about Anime 😊*
Anime manga otaku AMV anime discussion international anime group make otaku frds
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