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🔰FORTRON Entrepreneur 🔰
Money/Earning Nigeria English
2020-09-11 21:59:27
✍️FORTRON is based on network marketing model. One needs to build their own network to become profitable.

✍️Every member of the platform is linked to their upline, the one who invited them to the platform. And each member follows the path of their upline and fills the positions under his/her matrix.

✍️There are two plans in FORTRON-- The FTR3 and FTR4. Your one time registration fee gives you access to both plans.

✍️For FTR3 everyone needs three downlines for each level.

✍️For FTR4 to complete a level there are 6 positions to fill, two on the first line, 
four on the second line.

✍️In this business model, if you stay still, you miss a lot of potential profits. So being active is essential to gain all that the platform has to offer.

✍️You do not need to bring fresh members every time if your downlines are actively following 
you to next levels

✍️None of the plans or its levels have any deadlines or expiration dates, so you can 
work at your own pace.
Fortron Smart Contract Good earning platform
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