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2018-10-31 20:15:31
With great joy in our heart, we are pleased to announce to the masses the official launching of pioneer news income pay coming up on the 5/11/2018. That's on Wednesday
*New site on the way!!!!*
*It will be lunched on or before 1st November 2018*
```Read the summary here``` 👇👇

This is the breakdown of how you earn on *pioneer news income pay*

💯 Comment *#5*  each (Unlimited)

💯 viewing of news *#4* per news (unlimited)

💯 When you register you get *#200* as a welcome bonus

💯 Creating a well constructed post *#55* each {unlimited but you only get paid if your post is being approved by admins)

💯 Sharing of sponsored post *#150*

💯 Daily login *#60*

💯 Referral *#700* but is optional

💯 Registration fee is *N900* only _(for the first 3000 people to join us)_ then after 3000 members,,registration fee will  now be *N1000*

✅ minimum withdrawal is *#4000* only

🤑 withdrawal is every 2 weeks (on Fridays) w
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