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we're happy family 🖇️❤️
Social-Friendship-Community Whatsapp group Social/Friendship/Community Malaysia Whatsapp group Malaysia Malay Whatsapp group Malay
2020-05-10 23:29:53
siapa rasa hidup dia tak bahagia meh masuk 👀🖇️
🖇 prohibited posting pornographic videos or pictures in the group
🖇️ no cctv please ;')
🖇️ not a group for $€× 
🖇️ please introduce yourself to each other , let's be friends ;')
🖇️ y'all can be a crackheads
🖇️ can spam anything but no promote unless you have admin permission
🖇️ speak english if there are foreigners ;')

🖇️ let's be a happy family 🙌🏻🖤
Friendly family community
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