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Money/Earning Nigeria English
2020-06-01 23:30:27
Sairui Mall…SAIRUI is a recent Online Shopping Mall which features a New Model Called New Retail plus the normal E-Commerce like Jumia, Alibaba, etc. But, this multi-billion dollar Chinese company is, in actual fact, giving 80% profit to partners via the same New Retail model which is never present and has never been seen in the rest of the Online shopping malls in the world.

How Sairui Mall Works
The new retail or e-commerce platform; you trade any item on the platform (that’s buying and selling), where the company gives you a 60% discount to purchase any product. You can buy the same product at the wholesale store with a price lesser than the new retail shop.
After buying at the wholesale shop, the company gives you two options; either they sell for you or ship to you in your country or wherever you are.

Example: Mr. X wants to buy a phone from Sairui mall, which will cost him $100 at the retail shop. The company then gives him a 60% discount which is two quotes or two cards to buy
Sairui mall money making online money making e-COMMERCE sairui shopping mall China retail model
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