⚕️♡ⓇⓔⓂ️⭕❥━HⒹ❥━SⓣⒶⓣⓊⓢ❥ ━VⓘⒹ⭕Ⓔⓢ❥━W⭕ⓇⓁⒹ♡⚕️
Music/Audio/Songs India Tamil
2021-08-11 16:18:12

*Groub name*💥

*⚕️♡ⓇⓔⓂ️⭕❥━HⒹ❥━SⓣⒶⓣⓊⓢ❥ ━VⓘⒹ⭕Ⓔⓢ❥━W⭕ⓇⓁⒹ♡⚕️*

*Only status video send the groub*💗

*Daily all members 3 Video send the groub*😘

*No others group link*📎

*No others massage*❌

*Only status video send the groub*😎

*Fake number not allowed*🎭

*Only Indian numbers join the groub*🇮🇳

*➡️🔞No illegal&adult content🚫⬅️*

*➡️😡No fighting in group⬅️*

*➡️No personal texting in groups⬅️*

*➡️No others groups links&Advertising⬅️*

*🤫Don't Ask to make admin🤫*

*Wast  massage not you's*🥳

*Only status video*💖
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