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Adult/18+/Hot Egypt English
2020-10-18 20:42:45
New chilerabia theme group from chilerabia team intelligent group unsf
Old Alwaqistan (leii pizdosi, monkë pizdosi, ursii pizdosi) (alwaqi Chilerabia)
Grupul cu Moe
This is a very friendly group
Send sant vidio pto sexxx vadio xxx
If you want to leave just mute the group pls
You can speak in whatever language, and use bad grammar when you speak in English
Ads allowed
Please call other members in private
Send much porn xxx +18 every moment 
Spam allowed but not too much
Grupul cu Moe
Shut up retard
🇷🇴Romanian, 🇬🇧English, 🇩🇪German, 🇪🇸Spanish, 🇦🇪Arabic, 🇵🇰Pashtun, 🇮🇷Persian. Best languages
Maybe 7,8,9.

arab funny jokes Romania new adult +18 sex Chile
Opps. Group Link Revoked or Removed...

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