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💯👑ᴹᴬˢᵀᴵ ᴷᴵ ᴾᴬᵀᴴˢᴬᴸᴬ👑💯
Adult/18+/Hot India Hindi
2022-02-11 23:56:22
```non posting members will  be kicked out from the group anytime sooner or later ```
*👹📛👉चेतावनी  📛👹*

*यहा पर केवल ऐकटिव मेमबर ही रहेतेे है*
_Our group rules_

👉🏻_*no links allowed_*❌❌❌

👉🏻_*no awful comments*_❌❌

_*no disrespectful religious post or comment*_❌❌

_*no non-active members allowed*_❌❌❌

🙏🏻be active guys and no mercy for non-posting members 🙏🏻

+92 pakistani is not allowed
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