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Money/Earning Vietnam Vietnamese
2020-10-03 03:36:16
1. What is TRONATOR? 

Tronator is a fully decentralised global one line, peer to peer matrix running on the tron block chain 

What are the features of TRONATOR? 

Tronator is made up of the Tr3 and the Tr4 matrix plans.

On the Tr3 we have the following 

a.  Global one line matrix 
b. *3 instant referrals upon registration*✅
c. 80 paying slots from 4 account owned by you, multiplied by 20 slots on each account 
d.  Referral Bonuses on all slots
e.  100trx start up fees
f.  All trons goes to members wallets as no admins are required 
g.  Trons are donated peer to peer 
h. Zero risks as trons cannot be lost. 

On the Tr4 we have the following features

a.  It's a 2 by 4 matrix
b.  It requires team effort to earn massively
c.  Your invitees follow you all through the slots
d.  The first 2 spots goes to your upline in the matrix not necessarily who invited you,  spots 3,4 and 5 are your profits and spot 6 reinvest for you
e.  Team spillover and overflows 

 *Give TRONATOR the chance t
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