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Entertainment/Masti Pakistan Urdu
2020-10-05 17:35:11
Group rules and regulations 🏅🏅🏅
Only apps allowed 
Games allowed
Videos allowed 
Pics allowed 
News allowed 
Information allowed 
Daramas allowed 
Film and movie allowed

Not allowed rules 
❌❌❌ not allowed 
Demand not allowed 🚫🚫🚫
❌❌❌ pics not allowed 
❌❌❌ links not allowed 
Voice not allowed ❌
More chat not allowed ❌

ہر ممبر روزانہ کم از کم 15 پوسٹ کرے گا ورنہ اسے بھگا دیا جے گا گروپ رولز کی پابندی کریں مہربانی ہوگی
From admins:
↪mubeen bhai cheif admin❤❤❤
↪admin ismail bro💙💙💙
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