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2020-04-17 14:52:05
Good morning all


1.  Only send the Porn Videos and Photos or nude etc

2. All the members have to be Active in the Group.

3. Any of the memeber will be not active in the Group that will be remove from group.

4. No Personal Chats instead contact the admins

5. If any Member will change the group icon or name, He/She will be removed from the Group.

6. No advertisement like Bitcoin or any other money making Non-sence.

7. No posting of children porns & gay

8. No posting of News

9. No impersonation, i.e. pretending to be what you're not.e.g fake pictures.

10. No discrimination, no abusive language.

11. You don't have right to take what belong to us in this group elsewhere e.g. pictures,nude, comments etc

12. No posting of any link to another whatsapp etc

13. Any offenders shall be automatically Remove without second chance.

stay safe and be secretive.
African Mates
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