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Entertainment-Masti Whatsapp group Entertainment/Masti Nigeria Whatsapp group Nigeria English Whatsapp group English
2019-11-17 12:09:24
This group is for Nigerians who love entertainment; Music, Videos Comedy and jokes, and Football. We update you on the latest hip-hop songs. We make you aware of things happening in the world of football both locally and across Europe.

Rules and Regulations
- Strictly English Language
- Respect other group members. Using of vulgar and foul words are not allowed.
- Nigerians only please
- No spreading of fake news, voice notes, epic emojis and unrelated contents.
- No other group links allowed here.
- No advertisements
- No porn pix/videos allowed
- No private messaging other group members unless a relationship is first developed in the group
- No spamming
- Multiple sharing of same contents is not allowed

N. B:- Failure to comply with the rules and regulations calls for dismissal.
Duties and Obligations
- There will be room for discussions/comments on trending news
- Creating of awareness/Invitations of new members
- Patronage of our available services
- Must be active or give reasons for not being active
- Don't forget to include 'hash (#)' tag at the last line of your comments/post. e.g for music, #mzee_music. For  comedy, #mzee_comedy. For football, #mzee_football. For comments/discussions, #mzee_comments(music), #mzee_comments(football), #mzee_comments(comedy).
Adding lastly, #Hirmzhee_circle to each sub-topics 'hash (#)' tag for better searching of one's favourite topic.
  Illustration M. I Abaga diss song to Vector, tha Viper has over 1 millions views on YouTube in less than 24hrs.

N. B:- The above duties and Obligations are optional but we would be glad if you kindly do so. Thanks for your support.
I may as well be inactive sometimes due to the nature of my work. So therefore, your assistance is needed to keep this group active by putting into the said duties and Obligations
entertainment ibadan oyo state
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